It’s National Nonprofit Day!

August 17 is National Nonprofit Day! At CCF, we love being your conduit of giving to your favorite organizations and causes, but did you know there are ways to support your favorite nonprofits year-round without monetary donations? Here are three ways to boost the nonprofits you love in addition to your gifts.


Volunteering is a key tenet of the nonprofit space. Whether it’s working a shift at the local soup kitchen or food bank, passing out waters at a 5K or playing with kittens at the animal shelter, your service is integral to the success of these organizations. While we all have time, it is limited – so there’s no gift more valuable than giving up an hour or an afternoon to help others.

Engaging on social media

Social media allows you to connect with people and organizations across the globe. By following your favorite nonprofits’ accounts, you’re increasing their reach, exposing their content to people who may want to donate to or could benefit from their mission.

Sharing a nonprofit’s content is another way to spread the word. All it takes is one click to share a status about a request for blankets, nonperishable food or toiletry items, water bottles or dog food to alert your followers or friends to the need in your community. This also alerts those in need there’s help available.

Talking about the mission

The original form of social media is word of mouth! Share news of your favorite nonprofits with your family, friends and acquaintances when you run into them. Tell someone about your latest volunteer experience. There’s no better way to encourage someone to get involved than with personal stories and anecdotes.

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can help your favorite organizations and causes, give us a call at 901-682-6201.

Where to give in Memphis?

Memphis has a heart for giving – and we also have causes worth supporting. With so many asks coming in on a daily basis, and with a number of worthy organizations tugging at our heartstrings, it can be hard to land on which organization you want to support through your Christian giving. But if you know how much you want to give in a year, then there is an easy solution – create a donor-advised fund.

Creating a donor-advised fund through the Christian Community Foundation affords you time and the opportunity to give strategically. Donor-advised funds allow you to budget, plan and execute your giving in one move without designating a nonprofit. So, when a need arises or your heart is touched, you can immediately make a grant to the nonprofit of your choice from the pool of money you’ve set aside for giving.

Donor-advised funds are a flexible, convenient way for you to donate money when you aren’t sure of where to give. With a donor-advised fund, you receive an income tax deduction in the year that a contribution was made to the account – and you no longer have to keep up with donation receipts for every nonprofit or charitable contribution you make. You also can easily make a grant request online, and we’ll write, mail and confirm donation for you. We do all the leg work! Through CCF, you can also donate assets including cash, stocks, bonds or even real estate. This flexibility allows you to contribute what you want when you want with no extra stress or inconvenience! 

In our city, the opportunities to donate seem endless. And it’s amazing that we have a nonprofit landscape so committed to tackling our community’s most challenging issues. We want to empower you to use the gifts you’ve been entrusted with to impact the community. You can do this most effectively with a donor-advised fund.

We know that the giving process can be overwhelming at times, which is why we are here to help every step of the way. If you need assistance in setting up a donor-advised fund or with any donating needs, feel free to contact us at (901) 682-6201.