Do donations through CCF make a difference in Memphis?

Local nonprofit organizations are a driving force in improving the quality of life within our community. It is our duty as citizens to support these organizations, as they are bettering the very place we call home.

Nonprofit organizations assist other businesses in the community to drive economic development, provide greater access to the arts, amplify cultural awareness, ensure citizens receive a quality education, confront our city’s greatest health care challenges, and foster spiritual growth and revival for people in need — they virtually lend a hand to every sector of the community.

Nonprofits act as the arms and legs to our community’s boldest dreams – they turn the belief that our city can be a better place for everyone into action. Supporting local organizations provides us the opportunity to see our communities turn into the place we’ve always envisioned it to be. Last year, our donors gave more than $40 million in grants to local nonprofits through their donor-advised funds. These donations undoubtedly allowed nonprofits to expand their operations and make a bigger impact on their clients and community.

Even if our donors choose to give to worthy nonprofits around the globe (that also need our support), they’re still inadvertently supporting local nonprofits through our Hope for Memphis Fund! The Hope for Memphis Fund is a grant program sponsored by CCF that pours money directly into Christian nonprofits in the Greater Memphis Area.

To support our organization’s operations, CCF charges a small administration fee on each donor-advised fund we manage. These fees cover our operational costs, which we responsibly manage. At the end of each fiscal year, we determine what our surplus funds are, and all of those funds are made available to nonprofits through the Hope For Memphis Fund grant process. The surplus funds have grown year over year, exponentially expanding the impact we can make through Hope for Memphis Fund grants.

The Hope for Memphis Fund is dear to CCF, as it’s a simple way to live our mission. These grants serve as the arms and legs of our efforts to transform our city.

Help us continue to keep the hope alive on this journey to advance our community! Together, we can support development in the city of Memphis and its surrounding areas. Mother Teresa once said, “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” So, let’s do our part to turn the ripples into waves by supporting local nonprofits with CCF!

Surplus Funds Provide Grants

The Hope for Memphis Fund, the Foundation’s agent of giving, is helping make a difference in the city.  The Foundation has been in the business of making giving easy for hundreds of organizations and families for years, but only recently have we been in the giving business ourselves.  All surplus funds from fees on donor advised funds since 2006 are given away through the Hope for Memphis Fund.  The Hope for Memphis Fund Committee has learned that giving money away is never easy.  With hard work and much discussion, we are proud to announce two recent recipients of The Hope for Memphis Fund grants.

Memphis Young Life Urban will receive a grant to help add a staff position to create/lead an incentive program that will develop urban leadership.  Young Life Urban is directed by Reggie Davis and their mission is to introduce adolescents to Jesus Christ and to help them grow in their faith.  This grant takes the ministry’s traditional focus on evangelism and provides more favorable outcomes through the creation of a leadership program. If you are not familiar with this powerful ministry, please contact Reggie to set up a ministry visit and to find out how to get involved. 901.483.7199

The second Hope for Memphis Fund grant is awarded to ReachLife Ministries.  ReachLife’s mission is to empower inner city ministries to reach the urban culture with the Word of God through culturally relevant music and other media and curriculum.  This grant will help develop and launch their “Man Up” curriculum.  This culturally relevant, biblically driven media based material will target males ages 12-25 in the inner city on the subject of manhood.  It is an attempt to address the lack of fathers, the lack of appropriate male role models in the urban culture and the impact of secular rap media which is laden with negative messages of broken inner city lives.  The project includes a hip hop album and tour, 8 week DVD, and a printed guide for students and leaders.  The “Man Up” material will be launched in Memphis followed by a national roll-out and should be available in 2010.  If you would like more information on Reach Life or the “Man Up” curriculum, please contact ReachLife at 901.351.4118 or visit

Without help from our donors these grants would not be possible.  If you are interested in contributing to the Hope for Memphis Fund or are interested in more information about past grants and current guidelines please view the Hope Christian Community Foundation website.

The Hope for Memphis Fund Narrows Focus

The Hope for Memphis Fund continues to grow and is maturing in its grant focus.  The primary emphasis of funding for 2008 is to support development efforts creating more sustainable and effective ministries and leaders.  Initial areas of interest will be leadership training, strategic planning, best practices, donor development and development of measures of effectiveness.  The second area of interest will be for staff additions to improve ministry effectiveness or sustainability, such as development staff.

The Hope for Memphis Fund recently awarded grants to the following: Neighborhood Christian Centers LoveBuilders Program for marriage and family enrichment; YMOT Outreach Ministries to expand after school programs in Whitehaven; Noble Healer of Memphis Leadership Foundation to help launch this women’s prison re-entry program; Brinkley Heights Urban Academy to develop a master plan for the school and neighborhood; Emmanuel Episcopal Center to strengthen their after school program at Promise Academy and to Crichton College to hire staff for the development department.  The Hope Foundation believes these ministries are making a difference in Memphis and are worth supporting.

The Hope for Memphis Fund is currently accepting grant requests through March 15, 2008.  If you would like some more information on these ministries or The Hope for Memphis Fund please call 901.682.6201.

The Hope for Memphis Fund Awards Its First Grants

The Hope for Memphis Fund awarded its first grants to Advance Memphis and Families Matter.

Advance Memphis is an economic development ministry serving adults in the Foote and Cleaborn Housing Projects on Vance Avenue.  Advance offers “soft” job skills training, financial literacy and GED classes, and on-the-job training in an out-sourced manufacturing operation on the premises. Made in partnership with the Second Presbyterian Church Foundation, the grant will fund an additional staff person to increase the ministry’s capacity and improve effectiveness.

Families Matter is a partnership of Christ Community Health Services, Agape Child & Family Services, and Christian Psychological Center.  Its mission is to increase awareness of the value of marriage and the skills needed to grow a healthy family.  Made in partnership with the Lansky Foundation and Second Presbyterian Church Foundation, the grant will be used to hire an executive director to restart this ministry.

The two initial areas of focus for the Hope for Memphis Fund are to empower and strengthen existing Christian ministries in Memphis as well as to promote and encourage servant leadership.