Hope for Memphis Fund

As a representative of a nonprofit in our community, Christian Community Foundation commends you for the essential work you do in and for Memphis. Without dedicated people and organizations like you, Memphis would not be on the trajectory it is today. 

We want to help your organization expand its impact, and one of the ways CCF supports our local Christian nonprofit community is through our Hope for Memphis Fund. Please read through this page to learn more about this fund, to discover if your organization qualifies and to apply for grant funds.

What is the Hope for Memphis Fund?

The Hope for Memphis Fund's mission is to fund efforts to create more sustainable and more effective Christian ministries and leaders who are seeking citywide transformation. As a result of our continued growth and financial strength, all surplus funds earned from operations and fees from all donor-advised funds are added to our Hope for Memphis Fund. 

What does this mean for my organization?

This means that your organization may be eligible to receive grant funding through the Christian Community Foundation’s Hope for Memphis fund.We know that nonprofit resources are limited and that completing a grant application is a time consuming process. Please closely review the qualifications below to determine if your organization is eligible for a grant.



  • We make grants to Christian ministries and leaders in the Memphis area who are seeking community transformation through holistic, gospel-centered approaches. To be considered for a Hope for Memphis Fund grant, your organization must have a gospel-centered mission.
  • The Hope for Memphis Fund seeks to support community-wide transformation. Therefore, the Christian Community Foundation will make grant selections based upon the pool of applicants during a given grant period to ensure our funds are allocated among organizations in varied service sectors and underserved areas throughout the city.
  • Hope for Memphis Fund grants are only given to organizations whose services impact residents of the Greater Memphis Area.
  • Churches are not eligible for grants.
  • Secular private schools and Christian private schools whose student population are not primarily underserved will not be eligible for grants.

The fall 2023 Hope for Memphis Fund Grant application is now open for submissions. Please click the link below to get started. Applications are due Friday, Sept. 15.

Thank you for your interest and all that you do in our community!