Give, Memphis: Strategically. Generously. Impactfully.

Memphians stepping up and giving of their resources, time and energy is woven into the fabric of our great city. From being named the most generous city in America to donating more than ever to nonprofits during 2020’s Giving Tuesday campaign, we’ve proven that the collective power of generosity can transform our unique communities.

For stepping up in big ways, giving with heart and making a difference, we say thank you.

Giving to local nonprofits and those around the world provides tangible expressions of the love of Jesus, meets essential needs, saves lives and empowers people. But even as we give in significant ways, there are still so many remaining unmet needs both practical and spiritual.

We’re both humbled by your generosity and motivated by nonprofit opportunities and needs. We believe that anyone can give generously, impactfully, strategically and joyfully if you have a plan. And when we all make a decision to become more generous with our God-given resources, our entire community benefits.

That’s where we come in.

The Christian Community Foundation can help you create a giving plan that meets your goals and financial circumstances. Whether you’re a first-time giver looking to begin your charitable giving journey or are an experienced donor connected to a number of organizations, our team can unlock access to tools that make your giving plannable, trackable and streamlined – at no cost to you.

Our ultimate goal is to assist you in your generosity.

We believe that the resources entrusted to us are not our own – that they’re given to us by God and belong to Him. It’s our responsibility to steward those resources to further His Kingdom during our time on Earth. Generous investments in faith-based and common grace organizations is an amazing way to do that.

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