It’s National Nonprofit Day!

August 17 is National Nonprofit Day! At CCF, we love being your conduit of giving to your favorite organizations and causes, but did you know there are ways to support your favorite nonprofits year-round without monetary donations? Here are three ways to boost the nonprofits you love in addition to your gifts.


Volunteering is a key tenet of the nonprofit space. Whether it’s working a shift at the local soup kitchen or food bank, passing out waters at a 5K or playing with kittens at the animal shelter, your service is integral to the success of these organizations. While we all have time, it is limited – so there’s no gift more valuable than giving up an hour or an afternoon to help others.

Engaging on social media

Social media allows you to connect with people and organizations across the globe. By following your favorite nonprofits’ accounts, you’re increasing their reach, exposing their content to people who may want to donate to or could benefit from their mission.

Sharing a nonprofit’s content is another way to spread the word. All it takes is one click to share a status about a request for blankets, nonperishable food or toiletry items, water bottles or dog food to alert your followers or friends to the need in your community. This also alerts those in need there’s help available.

Talking about the mission

The original form of social media is word of mouth! Share news of your favorite nonprofits with your family, friends and acquaintances when you run into them. Tell someone about your latest volunteer experience. There’s no better way to encourage someone to get involved than with personal stories and anecdotes.

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can help your favorite organizations and causes, give us a call at 901-682-6201.

A look at giving as a fruit of thankfulness

“Give thanks to the Lord for He is good, His love endures forever.”

– Galatians 5:22-25


November is a month of thankfulness, a time to be grateful for all we have and those we love. As we enter into this season, I want to take a moment to discuss one way to demonstrate gratitude. Let’s explore how to use giving as a fruit of thankfulness.

One of CCF’s core pillars is Biblical stewardship, which is using the resources God entrusted to us to further His work on Earth. When we apply this concept to our lives, it leads us toward generous and thoughtful giving. We know that God owns everything and is responsible for our Earthly blessings. It’s up to us to use the gifts He has bestowed upon us to further His kingdom. By practicing God-inspired giving, you’re making an impact that will transform Memphis and the world. Giving is a spiritual act of worship, and there’s no better way to show your gratitude than by giving to those who can make the most difference!

During this time, it’s also important to remember why we give. We give because God has blessed us – we’ve received what we need and can use our excess to bless others and our community. It is our Christian duty to glorify God in all we do, including our financial obligations. We are charged to love one another – giving back is just one way of many ways to spread our love!

When we give strategically, we are maximizing the return on our God-given blessings. Ask yourself, “Where can I give that will be the greatest investment of my resources for maximum impact?” By giving, and being vocal about your generosity, you’re setting an example for generations to come.

Need help getting started on your strategic giving journey? Give us a call at 901-682-6201.

Taking a Biblical approach to giving

No matter your personal beliefs or reasons for giving, the Christian Community Foundation is here to support you. But our foundation is rooted in the concept of Biblical Stewardship – and this guides our decisions, recommendations and principles as a foundation. 

What is Biblical stewardship?

Before we can explain Biblical stewardship, we must start by defining stewardship. A steward is a person who manages properties or materials owned by someone else, and stewardship is the management of said assets. If someone asks you to watch their dog while they are on vacation, you are stewarding the dog until the owner returns. 

Now, what is Biblical Stewardship? Genesis 1:1 states, “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the Earth.” Deuteronomy 10:14 further proclaims, “To the Lord your God belong the heavens, even the highest heavens, the earth and everything in it.” We believe that sets a precedent. Everything on Earth is God-breathed and owned by Him. We apply that directly to our lives – believing that any assets, properties or possessions we acquire on Earth are a gift from God for us to manage in a way that honors him. 

When you apply Biblical stewardship to finances, we have clear directives from Jesus throughout the New Testament. Jesus calls for his people to give generously, sacrificially and joyfully according to the resources we’ve been given. We believe that Biblical Stewardship is a mandate, not a choice. When we give of our possessions, talents and resources and invest them in people, ministries and organizations furthering the Gospel, we are investing God’s resources into His work. This is Kingdom-minded giving. 

How can I get there?

Giving generously, sacrificially and joyfully can be challenging. Applying two of the three concepts would be much easier, certainly! It goes against our human nature to give away more than we might feel comfortable giving. 

To help shift your mindset toward Biblical Stewardship, start by praying. Thank God for the resources He’s entrusted to you. You can pray for opportunities to invest your resources in causes that further his Kingdom. Keep an ear out for opportunities as they present themselves. 

Relationally, talk with generous people in your life, especially those that share your faith. Ask questions about their giving journey, and seek mentorship advice on how to become a generous, sacrificial and joyful giver. The greatest thing about joyful giving is that it is contagious. A conversation with a mentor might be the boost you need to start your giving journey. 

Practically, investing money in a donor-advised fund is an excellent way to reserve funds for giving. When you invest in a donor-advised fund, that money must be given to a philanthropic organization and cannot be withdrawn for any other reason. Even if you don’t have a cause or organization on your heart right now, you can still invest resources sacrificially, generously and joyfully into your donor-advised fund and then request a grant when your heart is touched. 


End-of-year giving – stop what you’re doing and plan ahead!

As the year-end approaches, gift giving is often at the forefront of everyone’s minds. Time and money is spent shopping for the perfect Christmas gifts for friends, family and loved ones. If you’re like many of us, mixed in with the holiday shopping deals are requests for support and donations from nonprofit partners in the community. End-of-year giving requests are an important piece of the nonprofit giving cycle as nonprofits hope to capitalize on last-minute efforts by donors to alleviate tax burdens. But strategic givers know that giving doesn’t have to happen at the end of the year – in fact, with a donor-advised fund, you can plan your giving strategically so end-of-year requests don’t have to break the bank.

So, why should a donor-advised fund be the answer to your end-of-year giving needs?

You can more easily field unexpected requests.
All of our resources are limited, and we know that money can be tight at the end of the year. While you may want to donate to a number of organizations, you might have already exceeded the amount you can donate for the year. A donor-advised fund allows you to earmark and budget funds specifically for philanthropy. This way, when end-of-year requests pour in, you have a pool of money in your fund that you can donate without impacting your cash flow. This gives you the freedom to plan and give more easily!

For tax purposes, you receive a tax benefit in the year you contribute to your donor-advised fund.
If you’re giving at the end of the year in a mad rush to alleviate your tax burdens – stop! Meet with a trusted financial advisor earlier in the year and create a giving plan that includes a donor-advised fund. You’ll receive a tax credit in the year that you contribute to your fund, and you won’t have to rush to find places to donate money at year-end. Trust us – strategic giving pays off!

We are called to give – and donor-advised funds help you give more freely.
God’s Word is clear that we are intended to give what we have to those who have less. As Christians, it’s a part of our calling!

“This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down His life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers and sisters. If anyone has material possessions and sees a brother or sister in need but has no pity on them, how can the love of God be in that person? Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.”

– 1 John 3:16-18

As we enter into the giving season, search your heart for those organizations and missions that mean the most to you and your family. Letting children become involved in the giving process is a great way to encourage family bonding and instill the importance of giving at a young age.

If you have any questions about giving back or would like to create your own donor-advised fund to begin your own giving journey, feel free to give us a call at 901-682-6201.

Where to give in Memphis?

Memphis has a heart for giving – and we also have causes worth supporting. With so many asks coming in on a daily basis, and with a number of worthy organizations tugging at our heartstrings, it can be hard to land on which organization you want to support through your Christian giving. But if you know how much you want to give in a year, then there is an easy solution – create a donor-advised fund.

Creating a donor-advised fund through the Christian Community Foundation affords you time and the opportunity to give strategically. Donor-advised funds allow you to budget, plan and execute your giving in one move without designating a nonprofit. So, when a need arises or your heart is touched, you can immediately make a grant to the nonprofit of your choice from the pool of money you’ve set aside for giving.

Donor-advised funds are a flexible, convenient way for you to donate money when you aren’t sure of where to give. With a donor-advised fund, you receive an income tax deduction in the year that a contribution was made to the account – and you no longer have to keep up with donation receipts for every nonprofit or charitable contribution you make. You also can easily make a grant request online, and we’ll write, mail and confirm donation for you. We do all the leg work! Through CCF, you can also donate assets including cash, stocks, bonds or even real estate. This flexibility allows you to contribute what you want when you want with no extra stress or inconvenience! 

In our city, the opportunities to donate seem endless. And it’s amazing that we have a nonprofit landscape so committed to tackling our community’s most challenging issues. We want to empower you to use the gifts you’ve been entrusted with to impact the community. You can do this most effectively with a donor-advised fund.

We know that the giving process can be overwhelming at times, which is why we are here to help every step of the way. If you need assistance in setting up a donor-advised fund or with any donating needs, feel free to contact us at (901) 682-6201.

Non-Profit Spotlight: Memphis New Leaders

Memphis New Leaders
Transforming public education through outstanding leadership

Every day Memphis New Leaders inspire teachers, motivate students, engage parents, and involve the community as they seek “to ensure high academic achievement for all children,

especially students in poverty and students of color.”  Memphis New Leaders serve as principals and assistant principals in Memphis’s most challenging, impoverished schools.  The work is both a professional and personal calling, because they believe every child deserves a chance to succeed.

These highly skilled, dedicated, and compassionate educators seek to turn around our city’s under-performing schools and transform the lives of the students who attend them.  Participants make a solid, six-year commitment to serve our community upon entering the New Leaders program.

New Leaders’ work is grounded on clear evidence that effective principals are fundamental to school improvement and student achievement, and the belief that all children, regardless of circumstance, can achieve academic success. Demography is not destiny for children in New Leaders-led schools.

This school year, over 45,000 Memphis area students will be directly impacted by a New Leader’s leadership in Memphis City Schools (39); Shelby County Schools (1); Achievement School District (5); Charter Schools (8); as well as in other educational leadership roles (22).  Since 2004 when New Leaders began serving the children of Memphis, New Leader-led schools have consistently outperformed other Memphis City Schools academically.

New Leaders is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that receives public and private financial support individuals, foundations, corporations, and government.  In this time of school transition, New Leaders is seeking to broaden its base of supporters, and respectfully asks that you become involved with New Leaders’ mission.

We invite you to see the difference first-hand by taking part in a Leadership Matters Tour in a New Leader-led school.  To participate, simply call Liz Conway at 901-881-5119.

New Leaders works because it’s founded on the premise that leadership matters. We know that it matters in business and in government.  So of course, it matters in schools.  We know that a great teacher can change a classroom.  But you need great leaders if you want to change whole schools and transform an entire city. If you care about Memphis, about our

kids and our future, I can’t think of a better, more high-impact investment than New Leaders.”

Barbara Hyde
President, Hyde Family Foundations
Advisory Board Chair, Memphis New Leaders
National Board Member, New Leaders

– –

[The above article was published in the 2012 Fall Hope Newsletter and was submitted by Memphis New Leaders Senior Manager of Development Liz Conway]

Announcing: Urban Summit 2012

The Urban Summit is the Mid-South’s premiere experience for Urban Ministry Training from some of the nation’s most proven leaders in the field.

Hosted in Memphis by Hope Christian Community Foundation,

the Memphis Leadership Foundation, MCUTS, & City Leadership, this one-day event features training and conversations in the areas of Biblical Justice, Community Development, and Education Reform.

Saturday March 17th – 8:30am to 2:00pm

The Summit will be held at Christ United Methodist Church. Centrally located in Memphis on Poplar


The $49 registration fee is currently only $29 for guests of achat cialis france 24 the Hope Christian Community Foundation if you use the code HCCF29. Take advantage of this savings for your entire group.

For more information on the event, please visit:

Ministry Spotlight: Walk to Fight Infant Mortality on Sept. 24

Memphis and Shelby County have been consistently named as having one of the highest – if not the highest – infant mortality rate in the United States. In order to combat the infant mortality crisis, Christ Community Health Services, a local Christian-based not-for-profit that seeks to meet the medical and health needs of Memphis’ underserved population, offers the Centering Pregnancy program.

Centering Pregnancy takes a unique approach to prenatal care, which encompasses self-care techniques, group prenatal care and facilitated meetings, which industry studies have shown to contribute to reduced risk of preterm birth in participants. Mothers in the program attend regular facilitated meetings with Christ Community staff and other mothers with similar due dates, where they are able to learn not only from the medical professionals at Christ Community, but also bond with and learn from other expectant mothers. They feel more involved and in control of their care and empowered to ensure they deliver a healthy, full-term baby.

Sisters in Motion Memphis, a group of African-American women with a shared interest in fitness and fellowship, will host its Second Annual 5K to benefit Centering Pregnancy on Saturday, Sept. 24 at 9 a.m. at Overton Park. Your support as a walker, runner or sponsor will help the organization make a difference in infant mortality by assisting with education and prenatal care through Centering Pregnancy. For more information about SIMM or to register, visit For more information about Christ Community Health Services and/or Centering Pregnancy, visit

Run The 4th Annual Forrest Spence 5K

Grab your running shoes, the race is about to start.

The Hope Christian Community Foundation is proud to sponsor the 4th Annual Forrest Spence 5K coming to Memphis this August.

The 4th Annual Forrest Spence 5K is August 27, 2011 at Overton Park. This is a wonderful event for all ages. There will be a 5K, 1 mile fun run, 100 yard dash for younger kids, music, food, tons of kid activities like bouncy houses, huge slides, face painting, games, and more. Register now at racesonline for the best race of the year. Click here to register.

The Forrest Spence fund is designed to assist with the non-medical needs of critically or chronically ill children and their families throughout the Mid-South. God continues to use David and Brittany’s story as the legacy of little Forrest continues to share love with others as support for families experiencing with similar situations that they faced with the birth of their first child Forrest in the fall of 2007.

Find out more here about the race or dig deeper in to how God continues to use the cause to make Memphis better by visiting

God’s People Working Together

The following article was submitted by Eleanor Jacobs from The Neighborhood School and is a part of our Ministry Spotlight Series.  If you would like to share an article in our series, please contact Hope.

God’s People Working Together in The Neighborhood School’s Residential Program

“From him the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work.” Eph 4:16

Rogelio Duarte was recently praying with our dorm parent and his prayer was for his mother and that all those helping would be used by God to continue to work together to support his mom and his family.  Rogelio came to The Neighborhood School (TNS) almost two years ago by the way of Second Presbyterian Church Members.

As a church, Second Presbyterian was helping the Duarte family.  Their father had been deported to Mexico.  Their mother was not able to continue rent payments on their home and was evicted by the landlord.  She desperately  needed a place for her 3 sons to live and attend school.  2PC reached out to The Neighborhood School because of our Residential Program, and we welcomed Rogelio and his brothers Jonathan and David with open arms.  They began 8th, 7th, and 4th grade with us and their mother participated in residential program activities and came along side us in bible study. Their mother was very committed to her sons, but was going through a hard time.

We had no idea what blessings these boys would bring us. Nor did we know how many lives they would impact.  When the boys arrived at TNS they were very quiet and introverted.  They also were afraid and wanted to sleep together in the same room (in the photo you see their 3 beds pushed together).  Just after a month in school they began raising their hands in class, laughing with friends on the playground, standing taller with more confidence, and soon they decided their oldest brother could move into another room so they’d have more space.

About one year after the boys came to TNS, their mother, Martha, began feeling weak and was taken to a doctor.  She learned that she had stage 4 breast cancer.  Immediately, the TNS staff contacted people who had become involved with the boys, and efforts were begun to develop a plan of care for Martha and longer term plans for the boys.  As a result, arrangements have been made for a home and for hospice care for Martha.

Rogelio had just graduated 8th grade, but we made an exception to let him continue to live on campus and he is now a freshman at Kingsbury High School. Families from 2nd Presbyterian coordinate taking him to school and our dorm staff pick him up, as he lives in the dorm and participates in our Residential Program activities.   Rogelio is doing really well, he just  represented his high school in a robotics competition in Knoxville, and as an honors student, was  selected to go to Nashville for a week of class off-site. He placed in a swim meet last Saturday and will become a member at 2PC this Spring.

Jonathan (an 8th grader at TNS) is active in the youth choir at 2nd, participates in 3 degrees, and goes on missions trip. He’s doing very well in school, won 2nd prize in the Science Fair, recently came in 2nd for his age group in a 5k race, and placed as well in the swim meet. He will become a member at 2PC this Spring.

David’s 4th grade teacher recently said that David had improved so much since first arriving at The Neighborhood School. Having the support of a church community, the dorm parents, dorm staff, other dorm students, and still being close enough to his mom to be near her as she battles cancer has been a huge help for him. David is very involved with Boy Scouts, loves to play soccer and basketball, likes computer games, and is well-liked by his teacher and friends. He’s one of the first to volunteer whenever something needs to be taken care of.. He’s also a great listener. He has a great sense of character, and almost all of the new boys that come into the dorm ask to be his roommate.

The Duarte brothers go home on the weekends so they can visit with their mother. She has been in hospice care and battles a lot of pain. She needs a lot of prayer!! Her mother, Maria, who is a very godly woman, came from Oklahoma to care for her and does a phenomenal job of caring for her 24-7. However, they also spend a good portion of their weekends at church members’ homes, farms or at Boy Scouts campouts.

The leaders of the Scout troop in which the boys in the TNS residential program are members have become increasingly involved in the boys’ lives. Several people who have developed connections with the boys are helping the family with living expenses.  Two women from 2PC visit Mrs. Duarte several times each week to pray with her and minister to her needs.  Three families have become legal guardians of the boys.  The families know the boys from Boy Scouts, church at 2PC, and the school.  One family alone didn’t feel they were able to support all 3 boys, however they are all working together to support these wonderful kids

What makes the The Neighborhood School so special is the people behind it–the volunteers, staff and donors.  Strong connections are made between our students and their families and the people who support us.  It is not unheard of for volunteers and prayer partners to take in students after they graduate TNS and make them a part of their family while they attend high school.

At TNS, we are not only teaching academics and the love of Christ, but we are connecting these children to community members who will love and support them forever.  We are building trusting relationships between our students and our volunteers and staff to help guide these children to live productive and happy lives. None of this would be possible without our donors and supporters.

+ +
Find Out More:
Eleanor Jacobs eleanorjacobs12[at]yahoo[dot]com