It’s time to experience the Power of Giving

It’s about time we get together – and at the Christian Community Foundation, one of our favorite ways to gather is through our annual Power of Giving Celebration. Now, “annual” is applied loosely to this year’s event. If you’ve partnered with us for a while, then you know that we have scheduled and rescheduled this event for nearly two years. But we’re officially on for 2022, and we can’t wait to share a spring evening with you.

What is the Power of Giving Celebration?

We talk a lot about strategic, generous and impactful giving. The Power of Giving Celebration is our opportunity to share how those words come to life through your partnership with the Christian Community Foundation. We open the event with a time of fellowship, which is a great opportunity for our community to mingle, enjoy food and drink, and soak up springtime in Memphis. We will then gather indoors for a brief presentation from the Christian Community Foundation team and board – during which we’ll highlight how your gifts have impacted Memphis and beyond. The event culminates as we turn the stage over to our guest
speaker – Scott Harrison of charity: water.

Why should I attend?

The Power of Giving Celebration is the best opportunity for our Family of Givers to feel the sense of community that comes along with being a CCF donor. When you create a donor-advised fund with us, you aren’t just creating a pathway for your family to give generously. Through the Hope for Memphis Fund, you are investing in Christian ministries in Memphis alongside all of our givers. This cumulative impact is one of the largest benefits to giving through our foundation.

But Scott Harrison of charity: water is a must-see presenter. After reading his bestselling novel “Thirst,” we know your soul will be replenished by his message of transformation and compassion for people experiencing water crises around the world.

What are the details?

Registration is open now through Monday, April 18. All CCF donor-advised fund holders are encouraged to bring their families and are invited to bring a guest. Here is all of the information you need to attend:

Christian Community’s Annual Power of Giving Celebration
Memphis Botanic Garden
Thursday, April 21, 2022
Fellowship begins at 4:45; Program begins at 5:30
Register here

When to choose a faith-based community foundation

If you’re a donor-advised fund holder, how did you choose the community foundation in which you invested? For most fund holders, a recommendation from a friend or a trusted financial advisor is all it takes to make a decision. After all, the organization is a conduit for your giving. Why should it matter which community foundation you choose?

If your ultimate goal is to find an organization that will help you manage your giving, then it doesn’t much matter. One community foundation’s fees may be nominally larger, whereas others might offer a more robust online giving platform. These differences are negligible to the average fund holder. But if you have expanded giving aspirations – like supporting organizations that align with your faith – then choosing a faith-based foundation may be the right choice for you.

When selecting your community foundation partner, we recommend asking the following questions to determine if a faith-based foundation is a good fit for you.


How do you approach your giving?

Giving is incredibly personal, and the motivations behind giving are unique to each individual. Community foundations can be great encouragers, spurring their donors to consider how they might improve the lives of their neighbors through philanthropic investments. If your faith drives how you approach giving, then a faith-based foundation might be a great fit for you. Your contacts at the organization will help you talk through your giving goals in a way that aligns with your faith and your vision, making the process clearer for you and your family. They can also provide faith-based encouragement, potentially helping you reimagine how and why you give.

Who are you giving to?

Community foundations can set parameters on which organizations you can and cannot donate to from your donor-advised fund. Most foundations keep these limitations to a minimum. But you want to make sure that the foundation you choose will help align your generosity with your Christian beliefs. If your preference is to donate to ministries or faith-based nonprofit organizations, choosing to invest in a faith-based foundation is a great option.

How do you want your foundation to operate?

Foundations fund their operations by collecting a percentage of gains on donor-advised fund accounts. Sometimes, these financially savvy organizations operate in such a way that they have surplus funds available throughout the year. These funds allow community foundations to invest in organizations as they choose. When you partner with a faith-based community foundation, there is an increased likelihood that any surplus funds will go to organizations that align with your religious convictions. At the Christian Community Foundation, our surplus funds go into the Hope For Memphis Grant Fund, which supports Christian nonprofits helping underserved areas of Memphis. Our donors know that any surplus funds we have after covering our operating expenses go to these organizations who also spread the Gospel.

What is a community foundation?

What’s in a name? A lot at the Christian Community Foundation! If you’re a part of our family of donors, you are likely familiar with the meaning of our name. However, if you’re new, you may be asking yourself, “What is a community foundation?” Simply put, a community foundation is an organization that acts as a conduit for giving, but let’s dig a little deeper and find out more about community foundations and the benefits they offer their givers.

A tax-exempt nonprofit organization

When you give through your donor-advised fund at a community foundation, you are immediately eligible for a tax deduction. Once the funds are in your account, it stays there until you decide to give it away. Not only are you helping others in your community, but you’re benefiting too!

Benefits a specific geographic area

Typically, community foundations focus on giving within the community surrounding the organization. The beauty of CCF is that you can give to your community and/or any other charitable organization throughout the world so long as the organization does not stand against Christian values. Another benefit of CCF is the Hope for Memphis Fund. This fund’s mission is to create more sustainable and effective Christian ministries and leaders who are seeking citywide transformation. The recipients of this fund must be located within the Mid- South. As a CCF family member, the surplus funds earned from your donor-advised fund are added to the Hope for Memphis Fund – meaning you’re contributing to the goodness that is spread thanks to the Fund!

Additional resources

Community foundations offer resources to assist its donors in executing their giving strategies. Staff members assist you in creating your giving strategy, developing a donation plan that’s best for you and your family, and work with you to execute it efficiently and strategically. As a member of CCF, we’re a call away if you ever need anything or have questions. Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 901-682-6201.

If you’re looking to embark on a giving journey, we’re here to help. We love adding to our growing giving family and spreading the Gospel through CCF and its mission.

Frequently asked questions from donors and friends of CCF

Are you new to CCF? Or maybe you’ve partnered with us for so long that the fine details are fuzzy. Either way, you may have questions! We’ve compiled a list of FAQs to help and guide you. As always, please feel free to contact our office directly by calling 901-682-6201 if your question isn’t answered here or if you need additional information.

What is the minimum amount needed to create a donor-advised fund?

To open a noninvested donor-advised fund, the initial tax-deductible gift must be $2,500 or more. To establish an invested fund, the minimum gift is $10,000.

What is an invested fund?

With a balance of more than $10,000 or more, a donor can change to invest their fund.  CCF will charge its customary administrative fees based on the prevailing schedule for such fees (which is subject to revision or amendment per requirement). Please see the donor-advised fund agreement for schedule details.

What are the administrative expenses for an invested donor-advised fund?

Administrative fees vary based on account balances. Please see number 6 on the donor-advised fund agreement for fee structure details. 

Fees charged on invested funds are generally more than offset by the income and capital gains that are earned and retained by the fund. In addition, since July 1, 2006, fees earned by Christian Community Foundation are given away to ministries making a difference in Memphis through our Hope for Memphis Fund. The Hope for Memphis Fund allows donors to give twice: once through your fund and once through the Hope for Memphis Fund.

How do I make a grant recommendation from my fund?

All grant recommendations must be properly documented according to IRS standards. These can be easily made online at Donor Central. Please call our office at 901-682-6201 if you need assistance.

What organizations are eligible to receive grants?

Any United States-based agency that is a recognized 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code may receive a grant from a Christian Community Foundation donor-advised fund. However, all grant requests are reviewed and approved by the grant review committee of the Christian Community Foundation board of directors.

Organizations openly antithetical to Christian beliefs will not be approved. Grants cannot be awarded to individuals. Donors also may not receive tangible benefits from a grant. These include items such as tuition, meals, concert tickets and museum membership benefits.

What is the minimum grant I may recommend?

We request a minimum grant recommendation of $50.

What is the fee charged for recommending grants?

No fees are charged for recommending grants.

How often can I add to my fund?

You can add to your fund at any time with a gift of any amount.

Can I give assets other than cash to my fund?

You can give stock, mutual funds, retirement fund assets, real estate and/or other tangible property.

Can I remain anonymous when establishing a fund or recommending grants?

Yes, advisors can request that grants be awarded anonymously. You can also choose a name for your fund other than your name or your family’s name.

How often will I receive a statement?

Statements are uploaded to Donor Central quarterly, usually a week before the end of the following month.

How can I determine the balance in my fund?

Your fund’s balance can be determined by accessing Donor Central. If you have any issues, please call or email us.

What is the Hope for Memphis Fund?

The Hope for Memphis Fund was established by the Christian Community Foundation in 2006 to invest strategically in Christian organizations seeking city transformation spiritually, academically, economically and relationally.

The Hope for Memphis Fund issues grants from the surplus and earnings of the Christian Community Foundation and from donations made to the Fund. Grant recipients are Christian ministries primarily serving the economically disadvantaged residents of Memphis and the Mid-South region. A primary focus of the Fund is to make grants that improve effectiveness and build capacity of existing ministries. 

The Hope for Memphis Fund committee considers grant applications twice a year based on the designated time frame related to each cycle.

What are the tax advantages of establishing a fund at CCF?

Donors who contribute stock and other appreciated assets are eligible for tax deductions and may reduce or eliminate liability for capital gains taxes. It is also useful to take charitable deductions in years of high income but make grant requests in years of lower income or retirement. Donors are strongly advised to consult with their tax advisors when making these decisions.

Donors may wish to make larger contributions to their fund in high income years prior to retirement. This allows donors to take maximum advantage of tax deductions during their highest income earning years and have it invested tax-free, allowing them to give during retirement when their income is reduced.

There are also many ways a charitable fund can help a donor reduce estate taxes, preserve retirement assets for family members and provide gifts for charity. CCF’s professional staff works closely with attorneys, accountants and other advisors to help donors make the best choices for their families.

What are the advantages of establishing a fund at CCF versus a private foundation?

Since CCF is a public charity, there are fewer Internal Revenue restrictions for gifts and grants compared to a private foundation. Generally, donors receive a higher tax deduction for contributions. Additionally, donor-advised funds are not subject to excise taxes and have no payout requirement. An alternative to creating a donor-advised fund is establishing a supporting organization at the Foundation. Supporting organizations offer the advantages of a donor-advised fund but are governed more like a private foundation.

What is CCF’s privacy policy?

At CCF, we are committed to protecting individual privacy and will not share personal information with outside parties. 

We limit access of personal information to only those who need to know in order to produce compliance reporting, service your account and provide you with a broad range of services and products. Our employees, representatives and agents are required to maintain and protect the confidentiality of your personal information and must follow established privacy procedures. Donor names or amounts of donations are not revealed to the board of directors of the Foundation. We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect your personal information.

We strive to keep our donor and agency records complete and accurate. We will give you reasonable access to the information we have about you. Most of this information is contained in account statements you receive from us and applications you submit to obtain our services. We encourage you to review this information and notify us if you believe any information should be corrected or updated.

A year with Stephanie Jones

We can’t believe a year has already passed with Stephanie Jones on our team! In case you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting her, Stephanie is our director of donor relations. She came to us with more than 20 years of finance and business experience, and we have to say it has served our team exceptionally well.

When she first joined CCF, Stephanie said she was most excited about the overall vision of our organization. She was also looking forward to educating people about what it means to be a Kingdom-minded giver in a way that is authentic and transparent. We definitely think she’s accomplished these goals in her first year here at CCF.

“Stephanie hit the ground running when she came on board a year ago,” said Rex Jones, president of CCF. “She’s made great improvements and has wonderful aspirations to make the CCF experience even more enjoyable for our friends and family.”

Stephanie said she can’t believe that a year has passed since she joined.

“It has been such a pleasant experience in so many ways as I have gotten to know some really wonderful and compassionate donors and organizations,” Stephanie said. “Who knew there was so much to learn and appreciate about generosity right here in Memphis, Tennessee!”

Christian Community Foundation serves as a conduit of giving for its donors, working to bring the joy of God into the lives of those who need it most. When asked what she loves most about her job, Stephanie said, “I get to be involved and assist in something that is so much bigger than me. God’s work is truly prevalent here at CCF, and I am proud to be a part of it!”

Congratulations on your first year at CCF, Stephanie. We look forward to many more!

Fiscal Cliff Notes: Highlights For Gift Planners

Fiscal Cliff Notes

Here are the highlights for gift planners:

Highest marginal income tax rates for single taxpayers making over $400,000 or married filing jointly taxpayers making over $450,000 moves to 39.6%.

Impact On Planned Givers: To the extent that the greater tax savings from taking a deduction against a higher rate means an increased incentive to give, there’s a little more incentive here for these high income donors.

Capital gains and qualified dividend rates for taxpayers with incomes over $400,000 single of $450,000 married filing jointly moves from 15% to 20%.

Impact On Planned Givers: Higher tax rates for capital gains may mean gifts of appreciated property will be more attractive to donors as a way to avoid this tax.

Returns of the 3% “Deduction Reduction.” This law reduces itemized deductions by 3% for every dollar a taxpayer’s income exceeds $250,000 single or $300,000 married filing jointly. The law was introduced during the Clinton administration, but was phased out during the Bush years.

Impact On Planned Givers: This provision sounds bad, but hasn’t been shown over the years to be a significant drag on charitable giving. One way to think about this is to say that

it’s the state taxes or mortgage interest deduction that is affected by any 3% reduction, not additional charitable gifts.

The charitable IRA rollover was extended for 2012 and 2013

Impact on Planned Givers: From a marketing standpoint, the message to eligible people who waited was they can give in January 2013 and count it towards 2012 and then also give again anytime in 2013 and count it towards 2013. There are more complicated rules for donors who drew on IRA assets to make gifts in 2012 that we will flesh out in future blogs and analyses.

The gift estate tax exemption was kept substantially the same ($5 million, $10 million for married couples) as under 2012 law, with the top bracket moving up modestly from 35% to 40%.

Impact On Planned Givers: With higher exemptions (that will continue to be adjusted for inflation)

there are precious

few people with “estate tax problems,” although these are the precious few gift planners spend a lot of time cultivating. The higher top rate for taxable transfers and the possibility of transfer tax repeal no longer on the horizon make lead trust gifts look better.

The Healthcare surtax on investment income moves in at 3% for taxpayers with incomes over $200,000 single or $250,000 married filing jointly.

Impact On Planned Givers: This new tax is a tadalafil maroc minor

incentive for donors to make gifts of appreciated property.

The social security payroll tax goes back to 6.2% from 4.2% for all taxpayers and for high income taxpayers the .9% Medicare tax kicks in.

Impact on Planned Givers: It’s important to remind donors

that these taxes are unaffected by charitable contributions.

Finally, the alternative minimum tax (AMT) thresholds increases and will keep up with inflation.

Impact on Planned Givers: Many fewer taxpayers will be in the situation where their deductions are limited by the AMT so that additional charitable gifts create no additional tax savings.

Celebrate Generosity In Memphis 2013

The Hope Foundation is proud to announce our annual luncheon with a focus on generosity in Memphis.

Celebrate Generosity In Memphis 2013
Tuesday, March 5th, 11:30 – 1 p.m.
Holiday Inn Ballroom, University of Memphis Campus [map]

Last year’s event welcomed Shane Stanford from Christ Methodist Church as our keynote speaker to inspire over 400 of Memphis’s most generous givers and influencers. On Tuesday, March 5th we welcome Barrett Jones from Germantown, TN. Barrett is a Christian and happens to be the starting center for the 12-1 University of Alabama football team. Barrett’s young story is continuing to unfold through his excellent work on the football field and beyond.

A preview of Barrett’s testimony can be seen below:

This will be a great event to celebrate how God is moving through generosity. Memphis is unique in national giving statistics and Hope is proud to highlight stories from our donors and others involved

with Hope in Memphis.

Celebrate Generosity In Memphis 2013
Tuesday, March 5th, 11:30 – 1 p.m.
Holiday Inn Ballroom, University of Memphis Campus

Announcing: Urban Summit 2012

The Urban Summit is the Mid-South’s premiere experience for Urban Ministry Training from some of the nation’s most proven leaders in the field.

Hosted in Memphis by Hope Christian Community Foundation,

the Memphis Leadership Foundation, MCUTS, & City Leadership, this one-day event features training and conversations in the areas of Biblical Justice, Community Development, and Education Reform.

Saturday March 17th – 8:30am to 2:00pm

The Summit will be held at Christ United Methodist Church. Centrally located in Memphis on Poplar


The $49 registration fee is currently only $29 for guests of achat cialis france 24 the Hope Christian Community Foundation if you use the code HCCF29. Take advantage of this savings for your entire group.

For more information on the event, please visit:

Review: 2011 Celebrate Generosity in Memphis Lunch

Hope was pleased to celebrate another strong year with our 2011 Celebrate Generosity in Memphis event held at the Holiday Inn, University of Memphis campus.  Nearly 350 people met to gather and hear messages of hope around the theme of giving.  Memphis has always had a strong history with giving and 2011 proved to be another landmark year for the largest grantmaker in Memphis.
If you missed the event or are interested in sharing the media, please share this post generic viagra reviews with others and continue to pray God will bless Memphis through the movement of generosity.

Hope donor and strategic financial advisor Chris Williams shared his story. If you are interested in learning more of Chris’s story, watch his full testimony.

Hope Executive Director Mike Harris shared his State of Foundation 2011 report.

Shane Stanford, Senior Pastor at Christ United Methodist Church, shared the keynote message, “Draw Closely Friends.”

Shane Stanford 4

Shane Stanford – Draw Closely Friends

Another short video set to inspire others in their path of giving was shared and invited others to join the movement.

Hope Board member and financial advisor Nancy Coe invited others to join Hope and open a donor advised fund to begin their giving journey today.

Nancy Coe

Nancy Coe – Invitation to Hope

David Waters published a followup and related article in Wednesday, Nov. 2nd Commercial Appeal: Faith Matters: Generous Memphis Belies Its Impoverished Image

View images taken from the 2011 Celebrate Generosity in Memphis Event

Celebrate Generosity In Memphis 2011

Is generosity in Memphis contagious?  From where we are sitting, we know it is.

The Hope Foundation is excited to announce its annual luncheon with a focus on Generosity in Memphis.  Last year’s event brought together over 400 of the city’s greatest influencers. On Tuesday, November 1st we say “thanks” for Jesus’ example of giving as we celebrate the impact our donors’ generosity has on the city.  Shane Stanford from Christ United Methodist Church will be our keynote speaker.  We are also proud to highlight giving testimonies from Hope donors.

What:  Celebration of Generosity in Memphis
When:  Tuesday, November 1, 2011; 11:30 – 1:00 PM
Where:  Holiday Inn, University of Memphis Campus, 3700 Central Avenue, Memphis, TN‎ 38111
Keynote:  Shane Stanford speaking on the topic of Generosity
Cost:  $25 Per Person or $250 Per Table

This will be a great event to celebrate how God is moving through generosity. Memphis is unique in national giving statistics and Hope is proud to highlight all that is happening around us.