About Us

The Christian Community Foundation is a Christian nonprofit, community-based foundation whose purpose is to help Christians share their resources in efficient and strategic ways.  Founded in 1992 by Larry Lloyd, Christian Community Foundation has granted more than $642 million to thousands of churches and ministries worldwide.

Establishing a Christian Community Foundation Fund can be advantageous as you seek to become a better steward of the blessings God has entrusted to you. There are many ways the Foundation makes giving easy.

  • We can centralize your giving and save you time. You make one transfer; if you have ten different organizations you wish to support, we will write all the checks and handle all administrative functions for you.
  • We can assist you in giving effectively. By matching your desire to give with an organization that is doing a specific work, we will investigate the need and whether or not the organization conforms to the proper standards.
  • We can help you receive the advantages of having your own personal foundation without the expenses, reporting requirements, taxes, administrative hassles or restrictions normally associated with a private foundation.
  • We can maintain your level of giving after you have retired. A Christian Community Foundation donor-advised fund allows you to make tax-deductible contributions during your highest income earning years prior to retirement and then make withdrawals after you are retired to make charitable contributions when your income is likely lower. The contributions are invested and grow tax-free until you decide to make grants or distributions from the account.
  • A Christian Community Foundation legacy fund offers a donor the unique opportunity to create a charitable legacy. Upon death, the fund would convert to an endowed fund whereby only the earnings from the fund or a percentage of the fund would be available for grantmaking. This enables a donor to create a charitable legacy beyond their lifetime by supporting the ministries that matter most to them even after their death.

Christian Community Foundation is one of the largest Christian Community Foundations in the United States. We measure our success upon total contributions.